Crimson Tide


The Crimson Tide is the name given to the group of pirates that control the western border of “The Sea of Fallen Stars”. The name derives from their flagship “Crimson Tide” which is captained by the groups leader Skalanis Darkwaters. The Crimson Tide controls the western border of the sea, from Sembia down to Turmish and thru the western Pirate Isles. The one thing that separates the Crimson Tide and the rest of the pirate drab the come the “Sea of Fallen Stars” is their use of diplomacy and “Protective Services”. In exchange for safe travel the merchants as well as the port towns in the west pay Skalanis and his crew a small monthly “Tax”. Tho this does not go for all sea travelers…


The group was founded in 1207 DR by Skalanis Darkwaters.

Battle Tactics

The armada of the Crimson Tide includes one monstrous flag ship and 4 schooners. They work in teams, 3 schooners patrol the merchant lane between Turmish to Scardale while the Crimson Tide and the other schooner Patrol the “neutral” zone around the pirate isle looking for prey.

The Crimson Tide is a slow but highly armored ship that flushes out prey and causes them to flee in the opposite direction, at which point a schooner will be waiting up ahead out of sight ready to box in the fleeing ship. Skalanis never fires to destroy or injure, but mainly to disable. Once the enemy ship is stopped he motions for a parlay to discuss terms of “service”. Only when provoked will he openly fire on a ship, since to him living captains pay more than dead ones.

Crew Members

Skalanis Darkwaters
Gruug “The Outcast”
Kara Ta Lui
Melech “The Lucky”
Elan’ri “The Blind”

Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide Melech Melech